As learners at Gateway Preparatory Academy, we pledge to act with caring, integrity and purpose, to self-govern and be resourceful. We commit to be actively engaged in learning, respect our learning environment and the learning process of others.

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“The child absorbs knowledge directly into his psychic life… impressions do not merely enter his mind, they form it.” –Maria Montessori

This past week, the 1st-3rd grade students, of Gateway Academy had a Festival of Thanks.  Students performed songs about thankfulness, displayed poems and artwork, recited quotes about being grateful and shared treats that they had made.  Families were reminded of all the things to be thankful for.

Gateway students love science! The 4th grade students have been learning about wetlands. Students studied different kinds of wetlands and presented an oral report about it. The 5th graders have been learning about electricity and how batteries work.

Our Middle students have been learning about the parts of an eye. The culminating project was dissecting a cow eyeball. The students were fascinated with the dissection.