As learners at Gateway Preparatory Academy, we pledge to act with caring, integrity and purpose, to self-govern and be resourceful. We commit to be actively engaged in learning, respect our learning environment and the learning process of others.

Latest News

“A child is an eager observer and is particularly attracted by the actions of the adults and wants to imitate them. In this regard an adult can have a kind of mission. He can be an inspiration for the child’s actions, a kind of open book wherein a child can learn how to direct his own movements.” ~ Maria Montessori
Last week, Gateway students celebrated Dr. Seuss day. Kindergarten students had pajama day and ate green eggs and ham and pancakes. Our 1st-3rd grade students discovered Oobleck and learned about the properties of solid, liquid and gas. Mr. Lefevere’s class decorated the halls with Dr. Seuss trees. Our Middle school students read Dr. Seuss books to our younger students. It was a wonderful, reading day.
We also started 2 new reading challenges. One is the Reach for the Stars Reading Challenge that is in conjunction with our Usborne book fair. Our other reading challenge is from Mr. Lee and our after-school program. If students read a certain amount of pages, they get to help turn Mr. Burt into an ice cream sundae next month!
There is a lot of fun learning happening at Gateway!