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Board of Directors

Board Meetings typically happen on the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm. See the school calendar for any changes to the meeting time or day.

For more information regarding board meetings, see Utah’s Public Notice Website

Council Members

Brittany Jensen, Chair


Jenna Behm, Treasurer


Sondra Jones, Member


Gena Nelson, Member


Todd Petersen, Member


Tiffany Scheuerman, Member


Paul Dail, Member


Terie Simcox, Secretary


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The Board is responsible for the governance of the school, development of positive community relations, preservation of the Montessori educational philosophy, mission statement, and is accountable to teachers, parents, and students for maintaining the intent of the Charter.


Be in agreement with the mission, educational philosophy, discipline policy and administrative structure of the Academy and read the Academy’s chartering documents.

Be familiar with every aspect of the Academy’s curriculum and understand the scope of the reading program.

Prior board experience is helpful but not necessary. However, a high level of professionalism and a strong desire for the success of the school is expected. The motivation for serving on the board should be to help guarantee the educational success of students.

The directors will conduct an annual self-evaluation. The directors will discuss the necessary needs of improvement and set goals for the next year.

All directors are required to attend a yearly board conference where the goals of the board are defined, the board’s self-evaluation is discussed and critiqued, outside speakers present information pertaining to effective board leadership, and other pertinent topics are discussed.

The directors will annually attend a “Board Visit Day” at the school. During this time, directors will visit classrooms, talk with the staff and become familiar with current school concerns.

Directors should fulfill their responsibilities on the board, board committees or subcommittees to their fullest capability.

All directors are expected to be the best public relations representatives the school has.

Each director elected to their positions should have some prior background and experience pertaining to that position.


The Board sets and enforces policy and ensures that the Academy operates in a manner consistent with the Mission Statement, the Academy’s charter, and applicable laws.


The Board is ultimately responsible for the preparation and approval of an annual budget, and ensures the Academy operates within that budget.


The Board approves and establishes a school calendar, including any changes made during the school year.


The Board is ultimately responsible for the maintenance of any records or documents required by law or provided for by the charter contract. Additionally, the Academy board is ultimately responsible for the timely filing of all reports required pursuant to local, state, and federal regulations.


The Board negotiates and approves contracts for the lease or purchase of the Academy’s facilities, including any changes or renewals of the facility lease/purchase agreements, and shall establish any policies for facility use.


The Board convenes at least one regular monthly meeting, and will provide an opportunity for public input. Additionally, the Board may convene work sessions as it deems appropriate.


The Board performs such other duties as are appropriate and necessary to the safe and effective operations of the Academy, and which promote the Academy’s commitment to educational excellence.

Audit Committee Members

Jenna Behm

Gena Nelson

Tiffany Scheuerman

Board meeting minutes

Additional minutes and recordings for past and present board meetings are available at Utah's Public Notice Website.

Policies and Procedures

Each link contains the full policy in pdf form

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Abuse and Neglect Form
Administration of Medication to Students Policy
Annual FERPA Notice
Annual Directory Notice


Board Member Code of Conduct
Board to Administration Delegation Policy
Bring Your Own Technology Policy (BYOT)
Bullying Policy
Bus Transportation Policy


Child Abuse and Neglect Policy
Civil Rights
Code of Conduct/Appropriate Behavior Policy
Committee Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Constitutional Rights/Protected Prayer Policy
Cost of Governance
Criminal Background Checks and Arrest Reporting Policy


Data Management Policy
Distance Education Policy
Dress Code Policy


Emergency Response Plan
Employee Breastfeeding with Accomodations Policy
Employee Building Access Policy
Employee Computer Use Agreement
Employee Computer Use Policy
Employee Leave Request
Employee Paid Time Off Policy
Employee Pay During School Closure
Executive Limitations


Facility Usage Policy
Family School Compact
Fiscal Policies and Procedures
Fundraising Policy


Governance Process Policy
GPA Technology Acceptable Use Policy
GRAMA Request Form
Grievance Form
Grievance Policy


Head Injury Policy
Hiring Policy


Instructional Materials Policy
LEA Specific License Policy
Medical and Emergency Information Policy
Nutritional and Physical Activity Wellness Policy
Parent and Family Engagement Policy


Records Management Policy
Records Request Form
Religious Freedom Policy
Rules of Order and Procedure


School Fees Policy
School Lunch Balance Policy
Seclusion and Restraint Policy
Sponsorship and Material Display or Distribution Policy
Student Attendance Policy
Students Computer and Network Use Agreement
Student Data Privacy and Security Governance Plan
Student Discipline Policy
Student Mental Health Policy
Substitute Report Form
Substitute Teacher Policy


Teacher Survey Data Confidentiality Policy
Technology Security Policy
Transfer Procedures


Utah Effective Teaching Standards Policy
Wellness Policy