School Land Trust

Council Members

Brittany Jensen, Chair

Jenna Behm, Treasurer

Sondra Jones, Member

Gena Nelson, Member

Tiffany Scheuerman, Member

Todd Petersen, Member

Paul Dail, Member

Andrew Burt, Director

Next Upcoming Meeting

Proposed Meeting Schedule

October 8, 2020
January 14th, 2021
April 15, 2021

Final Report for 2018-2019

We purchased equipment to upgrade our middle school computer lab. This increased student access to technology allowing for enhancement and remediation of core subjects for all middle school students. In addition, we were able to purchase additional Chromebooks to increase student access to technology. We added an Art technology course for middle school students.

Rules of Order


Dollar Amounts by Year

2017-18 – $61,779.15
2018-19 – $72,288
2019-20 – $82,854
2020-21 – $85,665

Opportunities provided to parents: The School Land Trust committee is made up of our school’s governing board. If parents are interested in learning more about the School Land Trust program or participating in the development of the school’s Land Trust plan, they are invited to attend our monthly board meeting discussing the plan.