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Parent Info

As a parent of a public school student, you have certain rights and can make requests of the school that we will try to accommodate if the request is reasonable. Our school values parental involvement and input — we are on your team when it comes to the education of your child. Let’s work together to help your child be successful.

Click here to see Parental Rights in Public Education.

Emergency Plan

The safety of your student is a primary concern for the staff at Gateway Preparatory Academy.

GPA Emergency Response Plan

Digital Security and Privacy are important to us. Please follow this link to see a database of programs used by the school.

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flag icon Flag Policy second flag icon

The Flag of the United States of America shall be appropriately displayed at all schools in keeping with customary and accepted practices. Students shall show proper respect for their country's emblem.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag shall be recited at the beginning of each day in each public school classroom, led by a student in the classroom as assigned by the classroom teacher on a rotating basis.

At least once per year, students shall be instructed that participation in the Pledge is voluntary and not compulsory, and students should show respect for any student who chooses not to participate. A student may be excused from reciting the Pledge upon written request from the student’s parent or legal guardian. Discourteous treatment of the flag or other national symbols shall be cause for disciplinary action.

Lunch Info lunch icon

Printable lunch menu for kindergarten-5th grade

Printable lunch menu for 6th-8th grade

A message from the Food Service Director:

September 10, 2020

Gateway Preparatory Academy would like to inform you that the USDA has approved free meals for students through the 2020-2021 school year.

Due to COVID-19 getting food deliveries have been a concern, so we will be serving free breakfast and lunch every day for only the students that are enrolled at Gateway Preparatory Academy, which includes our online and home school students. Online and home school students can still pick up their breakfast at 8:30-8:45 and their lunch at 12:45-1:00 by coming in the side gym doors after all the students have ate and gone to class.

Enrolled students are highly encouraged to still fill out a free/reduced application, so that when the funding runs out or December 31, 2020, you will be all set up. If you do have a negative balance before September 8, 2020 you will need to pay that amount.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 435-867-5558.

Thank you,
Cindy Wade
Food Service Director

bus icon Bus Routes second bus icon

Click a route below for details. Please keep in mind that at the start of each school year, the first week or two of busing will have delays. If possible you may want to drive your students during these weeks.

> Bus 1 - Enoch-North Cedar

Morning Pick Up

  1. 7:00am 4516 N Pioneer Dr - Enoch
  2. 7:01am 4709 North Pioneer Drive - Enoch
  3. 7:05am 2660 E Village Green Rd - Enoch
  4. 7:07am 5163 N Heather Hue Rd - Enoch
  5. 7:09am Rachel Ln & Scenic Rd - Enoch
  6. 7:11am 1759 E Sunset Rd - Enoch
  7. 7:13am 1763 E Midvalley Rd (by park)
  8. 7:14am 1637 E Midvalley Rd
  9. 7:15am 1492 E Midvalley Rd (near Headstart)
  10. 7:20am 900 E Midvalley Rd (near Oregon Trail)
  11. 7:29am 5138 N 2700 W
  12. 7:31am 5365 N 2950 W
  13. 7:35am 1871 W Midvalley Rd
  14. 7:39am 4195 Driftwood Ln
  15. 7:40am 3675 Driftwood Ln
  16. 7:49am 413 W 1600 N (off Northfield Rd)
  17. 7:53am 1355 N Cedar Blvd

Afternoon Drop Off

  1. 3:15pm 413 W 1600 N (off Northfield Rd)
  2. 3:19pm 1355 N Cedar Blvd
  3. 3:29pm 3675 Driftwood Ln
  4. 3:31pm 4195 Driftwood Ln
  5. 3:40pm 5138 N 2700 W
  6. 3:42pm 5365 N 2950 W
  7. 3:47pm 1871 W Midvalley Rd
  8. 3:53pm 900 E Midvalley Rd (Near Oregon Tr)
  9. 3:56pm 1492 E MidValley Rd (by Headstart)
  10. 3:57pm 1637 E MidValley Rd
  11. 3:58pm 1763 E Midvalley Rd (by park)
  12. 4:00pm 1759 E Sunset Rd - Enoch
  13. 4:02pm 2003 Rachel Ln & Scenic Dr - Enoch
  14. 4:04pm 5163 N Heather Hue Rd - Enoch
  15. 4:06pm 2660 E Village Green Rd - Enoch
  16. 4:12pm 4516 N Pioneer Dr - Enoch
  17. 4:13pm 4709 North Pioneer Drive- Enoch

> Bus 2 – South Cedar – Hamilton Fort

Morning Pick Up

  1. 7:05am 5566 W 3600 S (Hamilton Ft.)
  2. 7:07am 5175 W 3476 S (Hamilton Ft)
  3. 7:15am 1480 S on 4200 W (Westview)
  4. 7:16am 1400 Block & 4436 W (Westview area)
  5. 7:21am 975 & Laurie Lane (Westview area)(by park)
  6. 7:31am 1169 W Greens Lake Dr
  7. 7:32am 700 W & Greenslake Dr
  8. 7:34am 1185 South Fir (near Retro Fitness)
  9. 7:38am 689 S 75 E (Behind Smiths)
  10. 7:43am 525 S 225 W (Cedar High Area)
  11. 7:52am 1888 N Wedgewood Ln(North of Fiddlers Canyon Rd)
  12. 7:53am 2166 N Wedgewood Ln
  13. 7:54am 2047 N Wedgewood Ln
  14. 7:56am 293 E Nichols Canyon Rd(near Kensington Apts)
  15. 8:02am Arrive at Gateway

Afternoon Drop Off

  1. 3:16pm 293 E Nichols Canyon Rd (near Kensington Apts)
  2. 3:18pm 2047 N Wedgewood Ln
  3. 3:20pm 2166 N Wedgewood Ln
  4. 3:21pm 1888 N Wedgewood Ln(North of Fiddlers Canyon Rd)
  5. 3:30pm 522 S 225 W (Cedar High area)
  6. 3:33pm 689 S 75 E (Behind Smiths)
  7. 3:36pm 1185 South Fir
  8. 3:39pm 1084 W Greens Lake Dr
  9. 3:40pm 700 W & Greenslake Dr
  10. 3:49pm 1480 S & 4200 W (Westview)
  11. 3:50pm 1400 Block & 4436 W (Westview area)
  12. 3:52pm 975 & Laurie Lane (Westview area)
  13. 4:05pm 5175 W 3476 S (Hamilton Ft)
  14. 4:06pm 5566 W 3600 S (Hamilton Ft.)

> Bus 3 - Cedar City & West Cedar

Morning Pick Up

  1. 7:13am 1045 N & Northfield Rd (church)
  2. 7:18am 430 N 400 W (Near North Elementary)
  3. 7:21am 57 N 200 W
  4. 7:24am 1206 W Harding Ave
  5. 7:27am 74 N 1850 W (Near College way)
  6. 7:35am 250 N 4200 W Iron Springs area
  7. 7:40am 525 N 3900 W - Monte Vista
  8. 7:43am 1450 N 3900 W - Equestrian Point
  9. 7:45am 1600 N 3475 W Equestrian Point
  10. 7:52am Gemini Meadows Ln & 3000 N
  11. 8:00am Arrive at Gateway

Afternoon Drop Off

  1. 3:20pm 1045 N & Northfield Rd (church)
  2. 3:24pm 430 N 400 W (Near North Elementary)
  3. 3:28pm 57 N 200 W
  4. 3:32pm 1206 W Harding Ave
  5. 3:35pm 74 N 1850 W (Near College way)
  6. 3:43pm 4258 W 575 N - Buena Vista
  7. 3:45pm 250 N 4200 W - Iron Springs area
  8. 3:50pm 525 N 3900 W - Monte Vista
  9. 3:53pm 1450 N 3900 W - Equestrian Point
  10. 3:58pm 1600 N 3475 W Equestrian Point
  11. 4:13pm 3442 N 2500 W - Fife Town
  12. 4:16pm Gemini Meadows LN & 3000 N
Downloadable Bus Permission Form (pdf)

Safety Requirements

PTO icon


Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)


meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. We welcome you to join us, and hope to see you soon!!

We need you icon


Volunteering doesn’t have to be a full time job. We can fit it into your busy parenting schedule. Keep updated with volunteer opportunities via our Facebook page and our Gateway PTO Members Group on the GroupMe app.

Positions still available with the Executive Committee

PTO Links

GroupME - the PTO's communication app of choice
    Check out the rules of usage here
Gateway PTO Facebook page

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> AmazonSmile

Visit this link to choose Gateway Preparatory Academy as youor AmazonSmiles charitable organization. When you shop Amazon, just shop using Amazon will donate to Gateway each time you make a purchase, at no cost to you!

> Smith’s Earn & Learn

As you shop, Smith’s donates to GPA. Participants must re-enroll every year. Here's how to sign up:

In the Smith's app
    Click the menu in the top right hand Corner.
    Select Rewards > Inspiring Donations.
    Search for Gateway Preparatory Academy, or enter ID# FR310.
    Select Enroll.

On a Desktop Computer
    Log into your Smith's account.
    Select the dropdown arrow on the top right.
    Select "My Account".
    On the left side, select "Inspiring Donations".
    Search for Gateway Preparatory Academy, or enter ID# FR310.

> Lins Plus School Cents

1. Sign up for PLUS Rewards at your local Lin’s Fresh Market
2. Connect your PLUS Rewards account to your child’s school at Log on to your rewards account and select “Nonprofits”
3. Shop at Lin’s Fresh Market Your school will earn one percent of all your purchases


President: Tiffany Scheuerman

Vice President: Bertha Garcia

Secretary: Delores Scheuerman

Treasurer: Kendra King

Parliamentarian: Mindy Templin

enrollment iconEnrollment

Gateway Preparatory Academy is open to all Utah students, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin, or ability/disability status. Acceptance to GPA is based on the following criteria:

  • - First preference is given to students currently attending Gateway Preparatory Academy who plan to return for the next academic year.

  • - Second preference is given to siblings of current GPA attendees.

  • - Remaining applicants will be accepted to GPA on a space-available basis.

*If you are enrolling or interested in the Discovery program. Please indicate in the notes section of the application.

Once all classes have been filled, remaining names will be placed on the GPA wait list in the order of date received. If an accepted student decides not to attend GPA or leaves the school during the year, their position will be offered to the next wait-listed student for that grade level.

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is open now!
Click Here to register.

School Hours are 8:20 am-to 3:05 pm Mon through Thur and 8:20 am to 1:00 pm on Fri.


Based on entry assessment and teacher observation, FULL DAY option is available. For the first week of school All Kindergartners will be dismissed at 11:30 am Mon-Thurs and 1 pm on Friday. Parents will be notified by the teacher if students are ready for the full day.


As determined by Utah State Law, Gateway Preparatory Academy is required to have immunization records or a waiver from the Health Department for each enrolled child. If your child has not been immunized according to the Utah Schedule, obtain an exemption form from the County Health Department. Immunization records and birth certificates are required before a child may attend.

Eye Exam

Every child entering Kindergarten must have an eye exam prior to the 1st day of school. Exams will be provided for free during our Kindergarten Open House.